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Youth Choir Songs & Lyrics

Below is a list of some of our favorite songs that we keep in our Youth Choir song books, which our Youth Choir truly enjoys singing. All of the lyrics and music uplifts the Lord Jesus Christ in honor and praise, and really just scratches the surface of describing what all He has done for us in our own lives! There are many songs that still need to be added, so please check back soon. Just click on the title below to view the lyrics, and you are more than welcome to print them out. We hope you have a very blessed day!

1. Almost Home
2. Do You Know How It Feels
3. God Is Good
4. God On The Mountain
5. God Save Old Sinners
6. God Still Answers Prayer
7. God Will Make This Trial A Blessing
8. He Knows My Name
9. He Loves Me
10. He's Alive
11. He Saved Me
12. He's Taking Care Of Me
13. Home Where I Belong
14. How Much I Love You
15. I Got It That Way
16. I'm Saved
17. It'll Be Worth It After All
18. I've Had A Birth I Can't Forget
19. I've Made Up My Mind
20. I've Never Been This Homesick Before
21. Love Covers All Sin
22. Magnificent Jesus
23. Power In Prayer
24. Right On Time
25. Seek Ye Out The Old Paths
26. Something I Can Feel
27. So Much To Thank Him For
28. Still The Blood
29. Thank God I Am Free
30. The Blood Is Still There
31. The Offer Stands Still

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