The Offer Still Stands

1st Verse
I've got an offer for you my friend.
This offer may not be repeated again.
It's a plan that was made many years ago, on a
hill called Mount Cal'vry on an old rugged cross.

And the offer still stands,
He's waiting for you. He's holding out His hands,
with salvation's plan.
The offer still stands.

2nd Verse
The plan is so simple a child can understand.
Yet it's freely offered to ev'ry woman and man.
A chance of a lifetime, and a guarantee.
If you call on Him now, He'll give you life eternally.

3rd Verse
No eight hundred number you will ever need.
You can always find Him right down on your knees.
Just trust in the Savior, take hold of His hand,
And ask Him to save you while you still can.

Repeat Chorus