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Here is a collection of different resources and links to other websites that you may find helpful, useful, or interesting, such as online Bibles, study tools, articles, information on the Knoxville area, and etc.

This webpage will be updated frequently to include new resources, so please continue to check back later for more updates. If you have any helpful links or resources that you would like to share, please E-mail them to us for review and we will see about possibly adding them to the list.

Other websites may change their content quite often, so if you happen to notice any broken links, or any inappropriate content, please send us an E-mail to have the issue immediately corrected.

Link Description
ReformedReader.org Pendleton Baptist Church Manual - online
Bible.com Contains Bible search utilities or an online concordance, Bible answers, devotionals, articles, and etc.
EBible.org The King James Version Bible online, has an easy to use index and red lettering for the words of Jesus Christ. (Also, contains the Apocrypha books, which are considered non-cannonical and are not used or recommended by Hoitt Avenue Baptist Church)
BibleGateway.com Contains easy to use Bible search utilities for all versions of the Bible.
HTMLBible.com This site has an online KJV Bible, including references, a Bible search utility, and even Parallel references of the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament with other versions of the Bible.
ChristianAnswers.net Some really good articles and answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to Christianity, the Bible, Apologetics, and etc.
CrossWalk.com Contains Bible study tools, such as Hebrew and Greek Lexicons, Devotionals, and articles.
CARM.org Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, contains questions and answers, an online Bible, search utilities, and articles on apologetics and other wordly issues.
Unbound.biola.edu The Unbound Bible, a very extensive online research and study site, with just about every version of The Bible, including different languages and parallel references.
WholeNote.com Online guitar community, contains guitar lessons, tablature, practice utilities, and more.
KnoxvilleTennessee.com Information website for Knoxville, TN. Includes visitor information, local demographics, and has links to other local church's websites.
HebrewOldTestament.com This site contains parallel texts of the Old Testament for quick reference, including several different versions of The Bible, and modern and Paleo-Hebrew translations.
GreekNewTestament.com This site contains parallel texts of the New Testament for quick reference, including several different versions of The Bible, and several versions of the original Greek translations.
Spurgeon.org The Spurgeon Archive, contains lots of information on the late minister Charles Haden Spurgeon, including writings, daily devotions, and online sermons.
SpurgeonGems.org SpurgenGems.org, also contains lots of information on the late minister Charles Haden Spurgeon, including a searchable index for most of his sermons and the full text in PDF format.
The Trail Of Blood An online version of the book of lectures titled The Trail Of Blood by J.M. Carroll. It details some of the history of the Baptist church, beginning from the very first church setup by Christ and His diciples in the first century A.D. It also contains and extensive list of resources and books used in preparing the lectures.

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