I'm Saved

1st Verse
Paul before Agrippa, before the king, he made his plea.
He said a light shown down from Heaven, and it shined all over me.
As I stumbled to the ground, as though I were dead.
Then he finished his story, and here's what he said.

I'm saved... and from the rooftops I'll shout it.
His grace has been sufficient for me.
I know... without a doubt that I'll make it.
I'm signed, I'm sealed, I'm saved.

2nd Verse
Now when I stand before the judgement, to give account for all my past,
I'm sure I'll see my Saviour, with my robe and crown at last.
For when the Book of Life is open, on that final Judgement Day,
I will raise my hands towards Heaven and here's what I'll say.

Repeat Chorus