He's Taking Care Of Me

1st Verse (lead)
When I woke up this morning and saw a brand new day,
I could feel the warmth of the Lord shining my way.
Although clouds of darkness may hover over me
I will rise above each storm, like an eagle I'll be free.

Chorus (everyone)
He's taking care of me, in ways that I cannot see.
He's working it for my good, just like He said He would.
He's taking care of me.

2nd Verse (lead)
Now I will not be troubled, I will trust in what He said.
There's no need to be discouraged, for He can see ahead.
If He watches o'er the sparrow and He clothes the Earth and ground,
how much more He loves me, what a comfort I have found.

Repeat Chorus (everyone)

Bridge (leads)
If He delivered Daniel from the lion's den,
parted the big Red Sea and destroyed Pharaoh's men,
if He can speak to a lame man, saying rise up and walk,
don't you think that our God can do it again?

Repeat Chorus (everyone)