He Knows My Name

1st Verse
There have been times when I often wondered as I walk
this narrow way did the Lord hear me, would He
answer, did He even know my name? But I discovered
the moment I called Him He is faithful always true, the
answer I need is ever awaiting by His hand He leads me

He knows my name       and He sees my every need
     He knows my name

He picks me up       praise the Lord He hears my plea
     He picks me up

He is my hope       and the rock on whom I stand
     my blessed hope

He knows my name       and He holds my hand
     He knows my name

2nd Verse
As a weary pilgrim during this journey I have been in
need of strength. So I call the master who's been
faithful to provide what e'er I need. There's never a
moment He's too busy and won't help me when I pray.
He's always waiting ready and able praise the Lord He
knows my name.