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Pastor - Rev. Dale Young

Kevin Byrd, Thurman Dyke, Dustin Welch, Eddie Tweed,
Aaron Hunley, Steve Ousley, William Rosenbalm, Kenneth Cardwell

Thurman Dyke, Kevin Byrd

Officers and Staff
Trustees - Kevin Byrd, Wayne Newcomb
Treasurer - Wayne Newcomb
Clerk & Sunday School Secretary - Delores Newcomb
Head Usher - Gary Campbell
Youth Directors - William & Courtney Rosenbalm
Sunday School Superintendent - Cory Byrd
Asst. Sunday School Superintendent -
Custodian - Rick & Lisa Collins

Choir Leader - Wayne Newcomb
Youth Choir Leader & Pianist - Jennifer Tweed
Pianist - Delores Newcomb
Guitarists - Jimmy Ramsey, Cory Byrd
Guitarists - Rick Collins, William Rosenbalm
Soundboard & Recording - Jason Smith

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